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What are Foldable Bicycles and Why You Need to Consider One?

You’ve probably ridden a bike before but have you ridden a foldable bike? Oh, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s understand what if foldable bicycle is and whether you need one. 


What are foldable bikes?


Foldable bikes just as the name suggests are bikes that can fold for convenient storage and transportation. The bikes feature a foldable frame that conveniently folds the bike into a more compact unit. Most foldable bikes can fold into two, or in a box-like dimension. This makes them compact to fit inside car trunks, buses, and trains. You can also push them around like a trolley.


Why you need to consider a foldable bicycle


These bikes are extremely lightweight and convenient to navigate within the city. Since they fold compactly, you can take them into trains and business, unlike traditional bicycles. You don’t have to leave your bike outside when going to work. You can carry them with you into the office. These are bikes you can fold and fit into a car trunk just like any luggage. There is no need to invest in storage rails like traditional bikes. 


Folding bikes are space-saving folding and fitting anywhere at home. You can store them on the couch, under the bed, or hung them in the closet. There is no storage headache when you have a foldable bike. 


Overall, folding bikes are convenient and easy to use. There is just the little aspect of getting used to folding and unfolding. However, everything becomes smooth with some practice. There are just many reasons to get a foldable bike. 

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